Jonathan writes plays and films at Camping Out Productions.

Geography related facts:

  • He’s a proud native of North Carolina.

  • He’s currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • He holds a Master’s in Geography.

Writing / Directing


Unleashed - a short film

After facing a difficult rejection by a director while acting in a small part on a movie, Nate, goes back to his day job walking dogs job. This source of solace, money and unconditional love from his dog clients turns chaotic when he is harassed and job shamed by a disgruntled ex-dogwalker, now pizza delivery guy, Casey. But Nate finds an ally in Shelley, a comedienne who bartends and performs at their local improv theater. Together, through the bond of comedy, they stand up to Casey in a tense standoff.

Unleashed is a romantic comedy about fighting for the dignity of your work and self-acceptance. While not inspired by, it was validated by the Geoffrey Owens Trader Joe’s news story.

Starring: Nicholas Feitel, Claire Tyers and Swann Gruen. Written/Directed: Jonathan Levy; DP: Geoff Taylor

Coming in 2019.



Camping Out - A short play

Chance, born and raised in the South, but living his adult life in NYC, reunites with his hometown friends, Leif and Travis in the southern woods only to discovers that things aren’t what they used to be.

Starring Geoffrey Orion Poppler, Ali Arkane and Scott Mccord. Directed by Jonathan Libman.

Produced by The Collective NY at Royal Family Performing Arts Space in NYC Nov 29-Dec 16, 2018


MAP Design

Jonathan is a trained cartographer who got his start working for the Forest Service in the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho and has gone on to work with Airbnb, the United Nations, the Whitney Museum of Art and many other esteemed organizations around the world. He holds a Master's in Geographic Science and Design from Hunter College.

He currently works for Facebook as the Lead Maps Designer.

His mapping website is

Live performance

Jonathan's been banging on drums since the age of 14. He's been featured on America's Got Talent, with The Box NYC and toured the country from Key West to Fairbanks, Alaska with the Stumblebum Brass Band, Autowreck, Sly Moth, and Baby Copperhead.